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eleotin: cleanse and detox

eleotin cleanse & detox

eleotin cleanse & detox

warning! poop talk!

i was watching/reading the impatient dieter’s website and was shocked at her 20lb weight loss in the first day of her diet. as i read further, i came to the part where she discussed using a natural colon cleanse/detox drink called eleotin. her video discusses the need for colon cleansing due to the amount of compacted and dried crap (literally) that lives in most of our intestines, particularly if we’re overweight.

this video was of particular interest to me, because (and i’m being honest here) i am constipated pretty often. i know it’s because i’m a tool and i hate drinking water. i quit drinking soda and fruit juices and all of the things i find delicious because they’re so high calorie, but now because all i have around is water, i barely drink anything at all anymore. so constipation was bound to happen. i figured that i probably have a gross amount of stuff chilling out in my intestines too, and decided that i should spend the $30 and get the eleotin cleanse and detox formula.

i did read about some other cleanses, but a lot of them either had huge amounts of laxative ingredients (ouchhhh tummyache much?) or were fasts, and there was no way i was doing those since i need food.

today, april 14, 2011, i tried my first day of the eleotin cleanse. it’s a simple packet with dried nuggets of stuff that you stir into 8oz of warm water, tomato juice, or orange juice. i can totally see why the juices were suggested, since the stuff does not taste good. it tastes like warm celery water. i would have to say, it’s borderline nauseating, but doable. i drank my glass, then my coffee, then my wonderslim shake (i had all of these things kind of separately just in case i did get sick from the drink), and went about my business. about 2 hours later, i felt the urge to go to the bathroom, just as i normally do. no increased urgency, no cramps, no complications. so far, so good.

today, may 9, 2011, i am just updating my experience with eleotin. after reading about it further, it turns out that if you have a very high body weight, it might be better to take 2-3 packets at a time instead of just one. my body weight isn’t THAT high, so i just doubled up packets every other day or so, and didn’t feel any real difference. the last day that i used the cleanse, i took three packets at once, and the only effect i really experienced was increased urgency.

maybe if i had taken the cleanse every single day for 15 straight days i would have felt more of an effect, but i can’t be sure unless i buy some more. honestly, i feel the same exact effect when i add benefiber to my morning protein shake. also, unlike the impatient dieter, i didn’t experience any kind of significant weight loss on any day of the cleanse.

my verdict? it was only $30, so it was worth it if you want to give it a try. as with anything, results will vary from person to person, and i think the most significant factor in the cleanse’s efficacy is your diet prior to starting it. i had begun a higher fiber diet at least a few months before eleotin arrived, so i think that my pipes were already in pretty good working order when i began. anyway, the eleotin cleanse can’t hurt, and for the right person, it probably produces dramatic results. if you’re still interested, get it here!

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